Our mission

Our mission is to promote, support and to make sport accessible to all children. Organised sports activities and outdoor pursuits will help us promote good qualities, healthy habits and discipline to elementary school children. We believe that through the education of children, families and the public on the importance of sports, regular training and good nutrition we can motivate our youth to pursue and live healthy and happy lives.

Our values

Collaboration: Teamwork and support can overcome any obstacle on the way to success

Development: Our greatest achievement is helping a child grow up to be a healthy person that contributes to society

Agility:             The ability to adapt and grow in order to achieve our mission

Integrity:         We invite young people to promote respect, trust and awareness of others

Fairplay:          Teach children to play fair in sports and in life


sports from an early age


good habits for a healthy lifestyle


active and happy in our communities


  1. Develop new programs that create awareness of a healthy and active lifestyle
  2. Provide sustainable support to children to grow up to be healthy and stable persons
  3. Support the community in order to create better educational conditions
  4. Create volunteer awareness in society
  5. Support the development and well-being of youth
  6. Cooperate with sports ambassadors in the promotion of our goals