The main goal of Sport2Life is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle of children. Today’s children spend extensive amounts of time on computers and playing video games. Research has shown that 75% of children spend more than two hours a day at the weekend staring into their smartphones or playing video games. Due to this inactive lifestyle, there is an increasing number of children faced with health problems such as obesity and excess weight.

In order to educate children and parents and show them that they can have fun spending quality time together during the weekend, we have organised the Educational Excursion Programme.

The first educational excursion was organised during November 2019 on the Mosor mountain in the vicinity of Split. The Mosor mountain offers safe hiking trails of high quality that are not accessible by car.

Mountain adventurer Marko Kovač was in charge of educating the children. Marko is an expert in mountain excursions and expeditions. Children learned about hiking rules, as well as how to preserve nature, what kind of plants and animals live in nature, and what dangers await in the mountains. We educate children on building fire in a safe way, without endangering themselves or nature. The children were given the challenge of grilling sausages on a open fire using a stick that they create with the help of their parents. After the good meal, the children had fun playing games with the other children and the parents. This was an unforgettable experience for all of us.