Healthy School Break is a project created by the Sport2Life Foundation in cooperation with the Brda Volleyball Club and nutritionist Olivera Stričević.

Lately we have been witnessing extremely unhealthy nutritional habits of our children in elementary schools. During school break children mostly consume fast food or snacks from bakeries. These ingredients are not sufficient to provide energy for the brain and body during classes in school.

The main goal of this project is to educate children about the importance of healthy eating and to influence their health. The Healthy School Break will provide children with the opportunity to try tasty food and drinks beneficial for their healthy development and growth. Our Healthy Table offers a variety of fresh seasonal fruits, fresh fruit juices, smoothies packed with vitamins, pies made from fresh vegetables and cheese, and raw cakes with no unhealthy additives.

Through the Healthy School Break programme we are creating awareness among our children about healthy eating habits and we are helping them change their nutritional perspective.