This is second time that le Meridien Lav sport courts hosted International humanitarian children sport tournament “Lav Cup” in organization of Sport2Life Foundation founded by Mr. Michael Saran. During 3 days of tournament 300 young athletes from Czech Republic, Bosia and Hercegovina and Croatia enjoyed competing in football, basketball and volleyball.

“We are witness of alarming data about time that children spend indoors playing on mobile phones and watching videos which has negative affect on their physical and intellectual development. Youth violence is increasing as well as number of overweight children. This is happening here nad now, not someone other on the other part of the world. We must act now. Our intention with event like this is to engage children and youth to go out from their homes, to spend time outdoor in company of other children playing sport which is best for them. Sport will not only make them healthier and active, it will prepare them for numerous challenges in life, which I can confirm from my experience.” – said Mr. Saran, Sport2Life Founder at opening of tournament

Even bad weather on second and third tournament day didn’t spoil good atmosphere and fun at Lav Cup. Best team in football tournament was NK Primorac from Stobreč. from 8 teams in basketball first place won team from Zenica and best volleyball team was Orion.

Sport2Life Foundation project is supported by many famous athletes like Ivano Balić, Petar Metličić, Stipe Pletikosa, Dino Rađa, Valent Sinković, Senna Ušić Jogunica, Venio Losert, Asja Petersen i Samanta Fabris.

Famous athletes, Stipe Pletikosa and Senna Ušić Jogunica were supporting children during this weekend directly at tournament.