Sport2Life School of Sport and Healthy Living is a program designed to enable children, regardless of their abilities, to develop their motor skills, and then further their emotional, psychological and social potential.

It started in September 2018 with 60 first grade children from Strožanac School in Croatia.

Second year 2019/2020 we expanded the program to 4 elementary schools; Strožanac 80 kids, Bol, 50 kids, Žrnovnica 10 kids and Omiš 10 kids. In 2020 part of program was provided partly-online due to Covid-19 restrictions. Program counts around 150 kids every year.

Program is approved by Agency for Education and Croatian Ministry of Science and Education.

Program combines sport basic development with education about healthy nutrition and educational excursion to nature. Program is scheduled in 45-minute training 2 times per week and includes fun and active exercises from 9 different sports.

Trainings are provided on sport courts of hotel Le Meridien Lav and as a part of Physical Education lessons in school’s sports hall. Program follows school activities and includes initial and final motoric tests. At the end of the School parents are provided feedback consisting of final results along with suggestion in which sport is the best to continue sport education for their child.

Program is completely free for all children.

Program Goals:

  • Encourage multidisciplinary psychosomatic development of children,
  • Develop healthcare awareness in children in order to preserve and improve health,
  • Develop motor and functional abilities.

Program Tasks:

  • Enable children to gain experience through movement,
  • Encourage learning about different sports and the values of sports,
  • Encourage a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating,
  • Using different kinesiologic operators which affect the development of motor skills and emphasise the development of coordination, balance and flexibility.