Sport2life is a project whose goal is to involve children in sports and recreation, as well as to teach them healthy eating habits. The goal is to develop primary and secondary motor skills (strength, coordination, stamina, agility, flexibility) in children, to create psychological and mental confidence, to prevent postural disorders during growth and development, to enable children to learn, recognize and explore their individual capabilities, to develop these capabilities and to develop a team spirit as well as to act as a team.

All public school are invited to join our universal sports school with their first and second grade students. The practices are led by our sports academy volunteers, held two days a week, on Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 pm, and the practice lasts for 60 minutes in the V3 Fitness centre and in the pools.


Purpose of the Program

  •  achieving team spirit through different teamwork structures
  • improving motor skills and attaining better physical health in the future
  • discovering and bolstering individual talents
  • emphasizing the importance of working out and living healthy