International Educational Sport Project Sport2Life, founded by ex-athlete and entrepreneur Mike Saran, has engaged more than 200 children on sport courts of the Le Meridien Lav hotel in Podstrana to compete and have fun during the three days of the Lav Cup 2018 tournament.

The children competed in basketball, volleyball and football. All competitions were intended for children aged 11. Apart from the children from Croatia, young athletes from the Czech Republic also participated in the international sports tournament Sport2Life.

The basketball tournament participants were children from elementary schools Strožanac in Podstrana, Lučac, Ravne njive, Kman, Pujanke, and a Czech elementary school, the Nový Porg school, the winner of the Junior NBA League in the Czech Republic.

The volleyball tournament was played by children from elementary schools Ravne njive, Skalice, Žrnovnica,  Poljud, Bol and two children’s teams from Prague. The football tournament gathered children from FC Union, FC Primorac, FC Adriatic, FC Bili As, FC Talent and FC Brda.

Beside the tournament competition, children had the opportunity to showcase specific technical skills in each of sports represented in the tournament. Sport2Life provided healthy food and drinks for the children and the parents involved in the tournament.

The Sport2Life project has so far been supported by celebrated Croatian athletes Ivano Balić, Petar Metličić, Stipe Pletikosa, Dino Rađa, Valent Sinković, Senna Ušić Jogunica, Venio Losert, Asja Petersen and Samanta Fabris.

The Sport2Life Foundation has organised several interesting sports projects, such as the Mini V-Ball championship in the Czech Republic and the sports weekend in Letňany, in Prague. In order to continue encouraging young people to live a more active life, to keep moving and to get acquainted with the benefits of a sporting lifestyle, the Sport2Life Foundation plans to organise tournaments for children and young people in the future, and actively promote sports and travel as the healthiest way of life.